About us

We introduce our-selves as a manufacturer of Overhead Transmission line-material Load Break Switch Panel Overhead line material, Isolator, Substation Equipment, Earthing materials & Street light pole.

Our experience in this line is more than 43 years. We are dealing in Load Break Switch, Insulator Air Break Switch, Dropout Fuse, L.T. & H.T. Porcelain Insulators, Polymer (Silicon) Insulators, Transmission line material and Sub-Station Equipment, Overhead Line Material. Lightning Arrester, Fuse Elements, Galvanized Hardware, Stay Set, Rubber Hand Gloves, Rubber Sheet, A.C.S.R. Conductor, Earthing Material, Cable Jointing Kit, Earthing Electrode, Operating rod and discharging rod and Street Light Pole.

Our Products has been successfully tested at Central Power Research Institute, Bangalore & Bhopal, ERDA Baroda, N.S.I.C. Kolkata. Our Products was tested for short-circuit test and high voltage impulse test Mechanical Endurance test.

The venture is backed up by our business with Electricity Board and Heavy Power Industries for last 43 years.


  • 11/22 kV Load Break Switch
  • 11/22/33/66 kV G.O.A.B Switch
  • 11/22/33/66 kV Drop Out fuse
  • 11/22/33/66 kV Horn gap Fuse
  • 11/22/33/66/120/220/400 kv Operating Rod
  • 11/22/33/66/120/220/400 kv Discharging Rod
  • CI, MS & GI Hardware Fittings
  • Transformer & CTPT
  • Aluminium, Brass & Copper metal parts & connectors
  • Polymer Insulator (Silicon)
  • Porcelain HT & LT Insulators.
  • Earthing material & Maintenance free Earthing Electrode
  • Shockproof Equipment and Fire Safety Material.
  • Street Light Pole
  • ACSR & AAAC Conductors


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